About Me

Shane is a true Internet tri-athlete. He is gifted at SEM & SEO, has keen business acumen, and has the know-how and expertise to rapidly grow the enterprise value of web properties. Iíve worked with Shane on multiple projects and he consistently delivers results. – Zane Tarence, Founders Investment Banking

How It All Started

I built my first website in 1995.† I was instantly hooked and spent way too much time playing around on the Internet at my first job when I should have been working.† (Thankfully, at my next job I got paid to work on the web.)

Then in 1998 I moved to Atlanta to be part of the small team building HeadHunter.NET.† Over the next year, I did everything in Technology at one point or another except for writing COM objects.† That was good practice for building my first real website.

The Sybertec.com computer store launched in early 2000.† It ran off a server I built that was connected to the cable modem in my study.† Despite that, we did more than $1M in sales in 2001 — almost exclusively from Google traffic.

In 2001 I moved over to InJesus.com, a Yahoo! Groups-type site for Christian organizations.† I redesigned their website and rewrote much of the back-end as we worked through a variety of revenue models.

Later that year, I was back at Headhunter.net — rebranded by that time as CareerBuilder.com — and my journey through every department continued.† After working with iProspect to double our search engine traffic, I moved into business development and then into marketing.† There I managed our seven-figure Google AdWords budget, among other things.

All the Pieces Come Together

In 2003, I realized that I had developed a broad skillset that allowed me to identify, purchase, gut and rebuild distressed websites all on my own.† I successfully did it several times for CareerBuilder and then headed out to do it on my own at the beginning of 2005.† In fact, a site that CareerBuilder had passed on (NursingJobs.org) was my first solo project.† I bought it in September of 2005 and sold it 2.5 years later to Internet Brands.

Over the past 15 years, this skillset has allowed me to play a very major role in creating countless multi-million-dollar websites — both my own and others.† I can simply look at a site with an established foundation and see lots of ways to dramatically increase both traffic and revenue.

About This Site

There are probably tens of thousands of people out there running websites on the side in the hopes of generating enough income that they can quit their day jobs forever.† I’ve been there.† While holding down a series of great jobs, I ran ten or twenty different websites before finding a model that worked for me.

The original focus of this site was helping people blog better.† I was very up-front about the fact that you almost certainly wouldn’t be able to make any real money doing that, but I enjoyed helping people who blogged as a hobby.

Ultimately, though, I realized that it was much more fun helping people quit their day jobs.† I also realized that there were thousands of scams out there that succeeded by swindling those same people with promises of quick, easy riches.

So now the focus of this site is helping people go from day job to dot com millionaire — and do it the right way. I’m sharing (almost) everything I know about how to take a site from earning a few dollars a day, to the point where you can live off of it full-time, to the point where you can sell it and immediately realize financial independence.