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You Need Some Link Control, So You Can Get Paid

How do you build a great reputation?  By delivering real value and treating people right.  Jeremy Schoemaker always nails both of those, and with his new product, Link Control, it looks like he's delivered yet again. The purpose of Link Control is to make it easy to find the best-performing link for whatever affiliate offer you're running.  Obviously you can do that manually, but ...

Mad Libs for Conversion Rate Improvement?

Yep!  Luke tells you how.  Very, very cool.

Step-By-Step Guide for Conversion Optimization

I wrote last week about the easiest way to double your website's revenue, but I didn't go into nearly the detail that Web Usability does in their article on "30+ principles to a better web page design."  Not only is it worth a read, but it's also worth a bookmark for constantly referring back to.

The Incredible ROI of a Good Design

I presented on one of the Elite Retreat mastermind calls a few weeks ago, and someone asked a question along the lines of what kinds of sites I buy or what I look for in a site.  Maybe counter-intuitively, my answer was that I like ugly sites -- but ugly sites where the ugly is only skin deep.  That's because you can see a stunning amount of improvement when you put a better face on a site that is otherwise ...

Is Your Site Wearing a Whore’s Uniform?

Many women regularly go out dressed scantily and then wonder why they don't get the respect they deserve. Dave Chappelle answers that question with another: "If you're not a whore, why are you wearing a whore's uniform?" I can't tell you how many sites I see wearing a whore's uniform -- selling themselves out for a quick AdSense click, not realizing that they're sacrificing greater long-term benefit. Take a good, honest look at your site ...

Using Logos to Inspire Trust from Your Visitors

In the real world, you're much more likely to buy from a store if it was recommended by someone you trust. In the same way, visitors to your site are looking for signs that they can trust you. The more they trust you, the more likely they are to do what you want them to do -- make a purchase, sign up for your newsletter, etc. -- so inspiring trust is essential. One of the easiest ways to do ...

My FeedBurner Feed Count Experiment

Several weeks ago, I read Matt's "How I Got 283k Feed Subscribers in 1 Day." The way he did it was to take TechCrunch's FeedBurner FeedCount chicklet and put it on his own site. By changing the link on the image to point to his own RSS feed, though, few would realize that he didn't actually have that many subscribers. I found it very interesting, but that was about it since I knew I'd never have any reason to fake my feed count. Over the next few weeks, though, I found myself repeatedly coming back to this statement: I can see the logic behind someone wanting to use a more popular feed image. Showing a larger subscriber count than what your blog has naturally makes your site seem more popular which unfortunately makes new visitors more likely to stick.