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Know What You’re Measuring

I came across a thread on DigitalPoint this morning about the accuracy of Google Analytics and found it interesting that one of the posters assumed that Analytics must be far less accurate than AWStats since AWStats reported many more visitors. Surely Analytics was undercounting, right? I know that feeling. I'm always anxious to believe the good stats. However, AWStats' counting of every request to your site -- even bots -- means that their stats are ... Keep reading »

Never Take the First Offer

Man, too often in the past few months I've seen cases where someone sold a website or domain name for far less than I, or someone I knew, would have paid. Had the owner only done even a little checking around, they could have netted themselves several hundred thousand more dollars in some cases. Never, ever, ever take the first offer without checking around. It is bad form to ask for an offer and then turn around and shop ... Keep reading »

Prepare to Fail

I've worked closely with nurses for almost two years now, but it wasn't until recently that I realized a fundamental difference between them and me. I fail much more often than I succeed, mostly because patience and planning are not strong suits of mine. The Internet makes it easy to just throw something out there and see if it actually works in reality -- rather than just in theory -- so that's ... Keep reading »

Always Leverage the Stats of Those Who are Already Successful

One of the best ways to figure out the model that will allow you to go from day job to independent business owner is by looking at the specifics of other people's models -- particularly those who are very successful. By looking at what actually works for them, and other detailed information that they give out, you can determine what's realistic and what's not. Here are a couple of recent examples. Shoemoney has one of ... Keep reading »