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A Goat Makes a Great Christmas Gift

In the midst of all your shopping and Googling for free shipping coupon codes, the holiday season is a great time to take a step back and reflect on what's really worth anything.  That's important because it's easy to lose perspective on just how great we have it (especially if you're making a good living online with no boss to answer to and no rules ... Keep reading »

How to Get the Most Out of Elite Retreat

I've written about Elite Retreat many times because it changed my life so dramatically.  I went from earning a decent full-time salary to having a very significant online business that I later sold for more money than I would have ever imagined. The next ER starts tomorrow, and first-time attendee Max Lishansky has asked me how he can have the same results in his business.  I know it's too late to ... Keep reading »

Making Money Online in Atlanta?

If you live in the Atlanta area and make money online, I'm looking for you -- for a couple of reasons. First, to get a look at Examiner.com from the inside, I've joined them as the Internet Business Examiner in Atlanta.  If you would like me to profile you and/or your business (and throw you some nice links), just let me know! Second, I've put together an Atlanta networking group ... Keep reading »

Secrets of a Successful Info Product

Chris Guthrie is a friend and a fellow Elite Retreat alumni. He's also the author of a new info product called the Niche Profit Course which has done quite well since he released it just three weeks ago. As we were talking about it last week, I realized that what he knows could probably help a lot of you so I asked him if he would be willing to ... Keep reading »

The Secret to Building a Website Worth $1M

Every time someone writes about how they made $250,000 in one month with an iPhone app or how they make five figures every month just by blogging, untold number of people set their mind to go out and do the same thing.  If those people were able to do it, how hard could it be right?  Let's just copy them! The difference between a site worth a few ... Keep reading »

Competitive Intelligence: A Case Study

Gabriel writes in and asks: nibbledish contains around 3,000 recipes and gets around 165k uniques per month, while sparkrecipes contains nearly 170,000 recipes but only gets around 16.3k uniques per month according to quantcast.  Do you have any explanation as to why this is the case?  I would expect sparkrecipes to garner much more traffic since it's more established and it contains more recipes. It's an outstanding question.  Competitive intelligence is so crucial when analyzing any market, so I ... Keep reading »

Double Your Website’s Revenue in 30 Minutes

I know that sounds like some get-rich-quick scheme, but hear me out.  I promise you that the vast majority of sites that I have ever worked with were able to double their revenue with 30 minutes of work (or less).  Here's how. In most cases, our efforts to increase revenue center on increasing traffic.  In many cases, in fact, that's the only method we're using to increase revenue.  We get so close to our sites that we ... Keep reading »

The 3 Reasons Your Traffic Is Struggling

Somewhere along the way, most of us get to the point where our site just isn't having the success that we want it to have.  I've been there myself, and I talk to others all the time who are right in the middle of it. There are three big things that could be holding you back. Your Content is Forgettable Is your site unique and/or better than other sites in the same niche?  If not, you'll always be swimming upstream -- trying to ... Keep reading »

The Incredible ROI of a Good Design

I presented on one of the Elite Retreat mastermind calls a few weeks ago, and someone asked a question along the lines of what kinds of sites I buy or what I look for in a site.  Maybe counter-intuitively, my answer was that I like ugly sites -- but ugly sites where the ugly is only skin deep.  That's because you can see a stunning amount of improvement when you put a better face on a site that is otherwise ... Keep reading »

Using Press Releases to Promote a Website: A Case Study

Pat Lazure from WikiCity is a good friend of mine, and I have been helping him some along the way as this great idea has gone from concept to execution to success.  We talked recently about his first foray into using press releases, and I asked him if I could share it with you guys.  Here is his story. ------------------------------------------------- In an effort to promote the official launch of WikiCity, we decided to spend $680 that we really ... Keep reading »