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Your Potential Means Nothing…and Everything

Easily half the people who contact me about selling their site don't yet have any meaningful traffic or revenue. They're very excited about the potential for the site, though, and are sure a buyer will be as well. Unfortunately, they're wrong. No serious buyer cares about your potential. Potential Means Nothing There are two important aspects of serious buyers that make them serious buyers. They've Seen (and Had) Lots of Great Ideas If someone's made it to the point of being a serious ... Keep reading »

What Do You Do for Health Insurance?

Earlier this week, Scott Krager tweeted: Getting health insurance for a small company is nearly impossible. Having been on my own for over six years now, I've definitely had to deal with that. It's not something that I've ever seen anyone blog about, though, so I thought I'd weigh in with what's been working for me. Finding an Individual Plan I switched to an individual health insurance plan near the end of my COBRA eligibility period. Like any good Internet marketer, I ... Keep reading »

Six Years Ago Today, I Came Home Without a Job

In 2005, I had the choice of having Valentine's dinner with my bosses and some Google folks out in Mountain View or having it with my wife. I had been thinking about leaving anyway, and that ended up being the push out of the nest I needed. I turned in my notice on January 31 and walked out of the office on February 14 as a man without a job. If you're trying to make money online, these are the two ... Keep reading »

No More Important Lesson Than This

Read what this guy writes. Now read it again. Now bookmark so you can read it later. Whenever you reach the point where you're very successful, nothing that got you there will prepare you for cashing out the equity in what you've built. Nothing. And the danger is that because you are so wildly successful, you'll think you can do this, too. You can't. You'll fail and you'll leave a ton of money on the table. Charlie's article should give ... Keep reading »

Create Your Own Opportunities

The difference between success and failure might very well be whether you're willing to get up and start creating your own opportunities. Bobbie Brown explains: I started working as a freelance makeup artist in 1980, and I worried that I didn't have enough money. My father told me I'd just have to figure out a way to make more money. So I started looking through the Yellow Pages and calling agencies, magazines, photographers - anyone I could offer my services to. ... Keep reading »

It’s not really a business if you work it like a hobby

Becky has a great post at Small Biz Survival today that may explain why, as much as you've tried, you're still not making the kind of money online that you hoped you'd be making by now. It's simple, but it's powerful -- and true. Check it out (You've already seen this if you're following Mark Riffey like you ought to be.)

I’m not Reading Your Partial Feed

Many people believe that if they show only partial posts in their RSS feeds that more people will come back to their site to read the whole thing. Dumb. Let's suppose for a second that your content is as good as Shoemoney's or Aaron Wall's. Know what they found when they went to partial feeds? Same thing that everyone finds. People hate it, and ... Keep reading »

Why You Should Subscribe to Your Own Feed…in Google Reader

I was reading MindValley Lab's latest post in my feed reader this morning and noticed a set of 19 very spammy links right after the first paragraph: <div style="left: -2700px; position: absolute; top: -3600px"> <a href="">25mg kamagra</a><br /> <a href="">kamagra</a><br /> <a href="">about kamagra</a><br /> <a href="">adresse kamagra belgique</a><br /> <a href="">12.5mg lasix</a><br /> <a href="">lasix</a><br /> <a href="">200 lasix</a><br /> <a href="">0 buying propecia</a><br /> <a href="">propecia</a><br /> <a href="">1 4 propecia</a><br /> <a href="">0 dreampharmaceuticals online order soma</a><br /> <a href="">soma</a><br /> <a href="">1 buying online soma</a><br /> <a href="">1 online ... Keep reading »

2 Quick, Easy Ways to Stunt the Growth of Your Blog

Developing a sense of community among your readers not only helps your readership grow faster, but it also keeps people coming back more often. I realize, though, that some of you would rather only your mother read your blog (and through a feed reader no less), so for those readers I'm excited to present two quick, easy ways to make sure your blog grows very slowly. Don't Respond to Comments This one works great! ... Keep reading »

Screw Up? Don’t Try to Hide

If you're active on the web for very long, you will screw up. It's inevitable. How you handle it can make you or break you, though. To show you what I mean, let's look at three different examples: one from last year in which a company dealt swiftly and expertly with a problem of their own making and two from this year where just the opposite was the case. I think the end results will be more than enough to convince you to be very proactive the next time you screw up. Keep reading »