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How to Get Your Project Built

Over the past several years, I've regularly had people come to me with ideas or actual domain names that they want to build out into real businesses. I have two in my Inbox right now. So rather than continue to answer each one one-by-one, I thought it would be helpful to just go ahead and put it in an article. If you can already build you own site, this article isn't for ... Keep reading »

Competitive Intelligence: A Case Study

Gabriel writes in and asks: nibbledish contains around 3,000 recipes and gets around 165k uniques per month, while sparkrecipes contains nearly 170,000 recipes but only gets around 16.3k uniques per month according to quantcast.  Do you have any explanation as to why this is the case?  I would expect sparkrecipes to garner much more traffic since it's more established and it contains more recipes. It's an outstanding question.  Competitive intelligence is so crucial when analyzing any market, so I ... Keep reading »

The 3 Reasons Your Traffic Is Struggling

Somewhere along the way, most of us get to the point where our site just isn't having the success that we want it to have.  I've been there myself, and I talk to others all the time who are right in the middle of it. There are three big things that could be holding you back. Your Content is Forgettable Is your site unique and/or better than other sites in the same niche?  If not, you'll always be swimming upstream -- trying to ... Keep reading »

Why I Advocate for 99designs

Last week, Jeremy from Wildfire Marketing Group commented on my post about local internet marketing.  I had written that local business owners had no excuse for having an ugly site when great designs could be had from 99designs for less than $1,000.  As a web designer, Jeremy took extreme exception to that and understandly so.  I owned Unmatched Style for a long time, and the "no spec" issue is one that I became very familiar with. Jeremy ... Keep reading »

14 Steps to Start a Web Business Under $10K

Late last month, Scott posted a great list of 14 ways to start a web business for less than $10,000.  Great, great information in a very digestible format.

What Type of Site?

I frequently see articles and even entire books on how to select a good topic for your website.  I can't recall ever seeing anything on choosing what type of site to build for that topic, though, and that can be every bit as important as choosing the topic. So if you're just getting started, I hope this list will be a good resource for helping you select what kind of site to build.  If you have comments or questions, please leave ... Keep reading »