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Do You Need a Free Version?

Great analysis on pricing an iPhone/iPad app that's relevant to whatever you're pricing: "Why Instapaper Free is taking an extended vacation" (Instapaper is a phenomenal app, by the way. Easily one of my top 5 favorites on the iPad.)

Making Money with Price-Comparison Sites

This is the second in a series of articles on online business models written from the perspective of the person using it. In talking with at least a hundred successful online business owners the past few years, it has become apparent that there only a very few basic building blocks of an online business. As with DNA, though, there is an endless array of how those building ...

Secrets of a Successful Info Product

Chris Guthrie is a friend and a fellow Elite Retreat alumni. He's also the author of a new info product called the Niche Profit Course which has done quite well since he released it just three weeks ago. As we were talking about it last week, I realized that what he knows could probably help a lot of you so I asked him if he would be willing to ...

Easy Money

I've written before about how to double your revenue in 30 minutes, and today Cameron does even better than that by telling you how to "How to Double Your Conversion Rate in the Next 5 Minutes."  It's easy money.  Don't miss it!

Profit from Someone Else’s Conversation

Yesterday Pat wrote about a conversation he had with a friend about how to really profit from a blog.  It's absolutely worth a read regardless of where you are on the timeline of making money online. (HT: Wildfire Marketing)

Step-By-Step Guide for Conversion Optimization

I wrote last week about the easiest way to double your website's revenue, but I didn't go into nearly the detail that Web Usability does in their article on "30+ principles to a better web page design."  Not only is it worth a read, but it's also worth a bookmark for constantly referring back to.

Double Your Website’s Revenue in 30 Minutes

I know that sounds like some get-rich-quick scheme, but hear me out.  I promise you that the vast majority of sites that I have ever worked with were able to double their revenue with 30 minutes of work (or less).  Here's how. In most cases, our efforts to increase revenue center on increasing traffic.  In many cases, in fact, that's the only method we're using to increase revenue.  We get so close to our sites that we ...

The Most Valuable Skill for Success Online

I'm frequently asked some form of this question: I want to make a living online, but I'm just starting out.  What's the number one skill I should develop? There are many skills that you can make a living online with -- there's no magic combination -- so I think I've answered most often that you should just try out several different things and see which you like and are the best at. However, I have realized that there is indeed one skill ...

50 Cent Explains Why You’ll Never Succeed

In an interview about his new book in the latest issue of Fortune, 50 Cent hits on exactly what's wrong with 95% of independent online businesses: too much in the now. They go for what makes them comfortable right then instead of the future. His co-author continues: Whenever he has a business decision, he doesn't concern himself with the upfront money; he's thinking three years down the line. Too many ...

ScribeFire QuickAds: First Impression

So I was accepted into the ScribeFire QuickAds beta program on Monday and finally got around to getting everything set up yesterday.  I'm really impressed with the interface.  Very clean, very easy to use.  There are still a few rough edges (like the color blocks in the ad editor not updating when you enter a valid color), but far fewer than I expected to find.  Definitely doesn't look like beta ...