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When Does Retargeting Become Stalking?

I'm a big fan of companies knowing general information about me so that I can see better ads as I browse the web. I'm going to see ads anyway, might as well be ones that are interesting. I'm also fine with retargeting, the strategy of serving me ads based on a site I've been to but chose to leave without making a purchase. Offline stores would love to be able to do that. However, let's imagine a scenario where an offline ... Keep reading »

SEO is Overrated

I talk to a lot of people who see search engine traffic as a magic bullet for their business -- both online and offline. They think if they can just rank well in The Google, all their problems will be solved. (Most of the offline businesses seem to think that they're the only ones who have figured this ... Keep reading »

The Secret to Building a Website Worth $1M

Every time someone writes about how they made $250,000 in one month with an iPhone app or how they make five figures every month just by blogging, untold number of people set their mind to go out and do the same thing.  If those people were able to do it, how hard could it be right?  Let's just copy them! The difference between a site worth a few ... Keep reading »

#1 Reason Not to Use Anything but “.com”

If you're using a domain name that doesn't end in ".com," you could be losing hundreds of thousands of visits a year (or more).  Michael Berkens tells you why.

The 3 Reasons Your Traffic Is Struggling

Somewhere along the way, most of us get to the point where our site just isn't having the success that we want it to have.  I've been there myself, and I talk to others all the time who are right in the middle of it. There are three big things that could be holding you back. Your Content is Forgettable Is your site unique and/or better than other sites in the same niche?  If not, you'll always be swimming upstream -- trying to ... Keep reading »

Using Press Releases to Promote a Website: A Case Study

Pat Lazure from WikiCity is a good friend of mine, and I have been helping him some along the way as this great idea has gone from concept to execution to success.  We talked recently about his first foray into using press releases, and I asked him if I could share it with you guys.  Here is his story. ------------------------------------------------- In an effort to promote the official launch of WikiCity, we decided to spend $680 that we really ... Keep reading »

A Different Perspective on Link Building

Last week, Rob Ousbey from distilled posted a really interesting perspective on link building on the SEOmoz blog.  It's very much worth a read if you haven't yet.

Internet Marketing at the Local Level

I was an Internet Marketing consultant for several years -- including 2.5 years full-time while my first website was still getting off the ground -- and I still do pro bono consulting from time to time just to meet new people and be exposed to new industries. Virtually all the sites I've worked with have been U.S. sites that marketed nationwide, but I've worked with a handful who were only interested in marketing locally.  Here's what I've learned with ... Keep reading »

The $X,000 Business Boost

Two and half years ago, I was stuck.  My business was doing alright, but I was really struggling to take it to the next level.  Then 15 minutes with Aaron Wall changed everything for good. For me it was Aaron; for you it might be someone else.  For all of us, though, there are times when we just need something to put our business on a brand new growth curve.  So what better gift could I give you than a ... Keep reading »

Justin Brooke Hits It Out Of The Park

The first two articles I've read from Justin Brooke are two of the best that I've ever read from anyone.  Check out his guest post about outsourcing your traffic generation and several specific ways to get traffic to your site that don't include Google.