Buying Websites for Two-Years’ Income

Scott has a great post today over on Self Made Minds entitled: Buy for 2 years income and repay yourself in one year. I definitely recommend reading it. I’ve used that strategy a lot, and he’s right.

There are two things to be careful of when doing this, though.

The first is to check the seller’s claims of revenue very closely. I’ve been burned on this before.

The second is to remember that “historical performance is no indicator of future gains.” Okay, so maybe it is a little bit, but remember that things can always change — particularly if the site hasn’t been around for long. Who’s to say that a site that’s gotten good traffic for 3 months will continue to get the same traffic for 24 more (or even 12). There’s a reason they call it it “Internet time.” 24 months is an eternity.