The Other White Milk

This is my blog, so from time to time, you’ll have to put up with some off-topic stuff that I feel like posting for whatever reason. This is one of those times.

A lawyer for The National Pork Board (did you know there was such a thing?) has sent a nastygram to Jennifer over at The Lactivist complaining about her pro-breastfeeding shirts that read, “The Other White Milk.”

Now Jennifer says that it’s “certainly not the cleverest slogan [she’s] come up with,” but I think it’s pretty darn funny. I’m also not certain that The National Pork Board is a bunch of pig-headed (like the pun?) guys with nothing better to do than bully little people. This smells more like corporate protectionism gone awry.

Either way, there’s certainly no harm in bringing attention to it. Just doing my part.