Sugarlicious Money from Your Blog

PopSugarLisa Sugar had an inkling that her online celebrity gossip blog PopSugar was on the right track when Banana Republic called in July 2006 and offered to buy up all the ads for a week — six months before she had even hired an ad seller. — “The Sweet Spot,” Forbes, April 23, 2007

How would you like that? A huge advertiser calling you up out of the blue to offer you money. Judging by the size of ProBlogger’s readerbase, I imagine most of us would consider it a dream come true.

Care to venture a guess as to how many visitors she was seeing at that point, though?

Go ahead. I’ll wait. Take a guess. What would you say?

(Seriously. Stop and think about it. How many visitors do you think she was getting back then.)

Banana Republic wanted access to PopSugar’s millions of readers, most of whom are college-educated women ages 18 to 44 making more than $60,000.

Millions of readers. Millions. How many of you have millions of readers? (Seriously? Okay, you two can probably step out at this point. Thanks for coming by.)

The truth is, many of us try to squeeze every last cent that we can out of our readers. We think if we can just get to a few hundred visitors a day (or maybe not even that many) the ad revenue will start rolling in and we’ll be just a month or two away from problogger status. So when we hit that, we shift our focus to trying to figure out how to make more and more money. Then, not only do we stop acquiring new readers, we also start losing the ones we do have because the quality of our blog drops off noticeably.

What we really ought to be doing at that point is working to double that number, and then double it again (and again, at least) before we spend much time at all on monetization. I can’t say it enough: focus on content, not ads. And spend some time each day attracting new readers, too. It’s just as important to be proactive.

This isn’t because I’m anti-ads or anti-monetization at all. I’ve just tried it both ways and know that it’s just one headache after another trying to find lots of value where there’s only a little. If you’re looking to make some Sugarlicious money with your blog, believe me, you have to make it Sugarlicious first.


  • William Atkin

    April 18, 2007
    at 4:21 pm

    It’s hard to believe PopSugar gets millions of visitors. With that kind of traffic it’s no wonder Banana Republic is soliciting adspace on her blog. But I think you’re right when you say most blogger all think theyre going to be ProBlogger or some other uber popular blog. But the reality is unless you have unique, quality content you can forget about adspace (except for a few scraps from Adsense).


  • Jessalee

    April 20, 2007
    at 4:13 pm

    Wait. So, um, people make money blogging? Whoa. You mean actual money? Wow. So the fact that I have 1.01 built up in Adsense money means something else entirely.

    Hmm. Money. For blogging. You learn something new everyday. (haha)

    Interesting stats! I can’t imagine hundreds of readers let alone thousands. It puts my 30 to 40 regular visitor (and I’m pleased to have them) numbers to shame. Little fish in a big pond.

    Amazing what can happen though.


  • Johnny

    April 21, 2007
    at 7:31 pm

    it’s great motivation ofcourse. but you have to see what your blog niche is and focus on that instead of being the next big thing. although that would be nice. i’d be happy being the fish in the right pond. 🙂


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