The Top 3 Ways to Generate Revenue from Your Blog

We’ll get into all of these in much more detail over the next few months, but I wanted to go ahead and give you a quick run-down of the top 3 money-makers for your blog. Keep in mind, though, not to let monetization become your focus.


Dedicated advertisers are usually your best source of revenue. They pay a much better rate, they’re a guaranteed revenue stream every month, and they tend to stick around. The only downside is that you usually need to have really healthy traffic levels to make it worthwhile for advertisers to work with you directly.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are next, and they may actually outperform advertisers for you if you find ones that are particularly relevant to your readers. Don’t think you can just throw up a banner ad and start raking in the cash, though. Virtually no one makes much with affiliate banners. Instead, text links are your best friend. Sign up with Commission Junction to find advertisers you can promote from right within your posts (like I just did right there).


Surprised that I listed Google AdSense last? It’s the easiest to get started with, and so it’s the one that you see most often, but you’ll almost always make less with AdSense than you do with affiliates and advertisers, plus your monthly earnings can fluctuate significantly. Still, it can be a very healthy revenue stream and it’s super easy to use. You can be generating revenue in literally minutes with very little effort.


  • beth

    February 27, 2007
    at 11:35 am

    Just curious, what would be considered “a really healthy traffic level” that would attract advertisers directly? 100 readers a day? 1000?


  • Shane

    February 27, 2007
    at 12:25 pm

    Great question. It really depends on the niche. For areas like nursing, I’m finding that it’s pretty much at least 1,000/day. For areas less in demand, though, like my web design site, it’s more like 50,000/month.

    Obviously your mileage may vary, but that’s a very rough estimate.


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  • Arun

    July 19, 2007
    at 8:16 am

    Finding a direct advertiser to a website requires some sort of internet and direct marketing. I think that is reason why people are looking for ads from ad networking firms.


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  • Shane

    July 19, 2007
    at 10:17 am

    Marketing definitely helps, but it’s not a requirement at all. If your blog is well-read, and you make it clear that you accept advertising, advertisers will contact you. I’ve had great success with that on all my well-trafficked blogs.


  • peter

    June 15, 2008
    at 12:55 pm

    Hello i am so new here and hardly know anything about generating income for my website. I would like to know how to generate traffic for my website so as to draw the public attention as io deal with the forex markets


  • PWSB

    August 7, 2009
    at 9:19 pm

    Okay, I clicked on your commission junction link already, so don’t worry. But, who is the best text advertiser around?


  • Shane

    August 10, 2009
    at 8:20 am

    What do you mean by “text advertiser”? Do you mean selling text links, or something else?


  • Ishtihari

    May 5, 2010
    at 5:37 am

    how we can generate revenue through adsense as the probability to get clicks is very very low plus the revenue you get per click is also very low?


  • Shane

    May 5, 2010
    at 9:59 am

    It depends on the site. Some sites can make great money with AdSense because the per-click income is worthwhile and/or because users are more inclined to click. I have other sites, though, where it’s not even worth having AdSense there.


  • Peter

    January 3, 2012
    at 7:16 am

    Great post Shane, but im missing a fourth way. What about people who generate revenues from a shop on their blog? I can imagine that when you talk for example about knitting, that you could pull it off to put some products for sale which you made yourself. Just curious.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Shane

    January 3, 2012
    at 9:30 am

    You’re absolutely right, Peter. I didn’t list it as a “Top” way because there’s frequently a lot involved with selling your own product — which serves as a hurdle to many (most?) people.

    However, that’s definitely the direction you want to take once you get going because that’s where the real money lies. With all of these other options, you’re only getting a fraction of the end revenue. When you sell your own product, though, the margins go way up.