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Free Site Reviews and More at Affiliate Summit West

I want to send out a huge thanks to both Jeremy and Missy who got me into the sold out Affiliate Summit West.  (I decided to go at the last minute and had no idea that it could sell out.)  Jeremy makes sure that the perks of being an Elite Retreat alumni just keep coming. Let's Connect I would love to meet up with you ... Keep reading »

How to Get the Most Out of Elite Retreat

I've written about Elite Retreat many times because it changed my life so dramatically.  I went from earning a decent full-time salary to having a very significant online business that I later sold for more money than I would have ever imagined. The next ER starts tomorrow, and first-time attendee Max Lishansky has asked me how he can have the same results in his business.  I know it's too late to ... Keep reading »

Making Money Online in Atlanta?

If you live in the Atlanta area and make money online, I'm looking for you -- for a couple of reasons. First, to get a look at from the inside, I've joined them as the Internet Business Examiner in Atlanta.  If you would like me to profile you and/or your business (and throw you some nice links), just let me know! Second, I've put together an Atlanta networking group ... Keep reading »

Secrets of a Successful Info Product

Chris Guthrie is a friend and a fellow Elite Retreat alumni. He's also the author of a new info product called the Niche Profit Course which has done quite well since he released it just three weeks ago. As we were talking about it last week, I realized that what he knows could probably help a lot of you so I asked him if he would be willing to ... Keep reading »

The Incredible ROI of a Good Design

I presented on one of the Elite Retreat mastermind calls a few weeks ago, and someone asked a question along the lines of what kinds of sites I buy or what I look for in a site.  Maybe counter-intuitively, my answer was that I like ugly sites -- but ugly sites where the ugly is only skin deep.  That's because you can see a stunning amount of improvement when you put a better face on a site that is otherwise ... Keep reading »

The Best Conference for Making Money Online

I've blogged about Elite Retreat many times, because it has changed my life significantly more than once.   So when I saw Keith's post about Reasons Not To Go To a4uexpo, I decided I would sponsor someone's trip to a conference -- someone for whom, like me 2 years ago, it could be the tipping point that moves them from day job to 100% online. What conference would be best, though?  I'm highly partial to ... Keep reading »

Go Deep

The first key to making money online is to just get started.  You can read until you're blue in the face and not learn 10% of what you will be just getting out and doing it. The second key is to go deep. As you're out there just doing it, you'll eventually begin to come across some things that work for you.  With a little time and attention, they then begin to ... Keep reading »

The #1 Thing I Learned at Elite Retreat

That's my wife and me to the right just a few hours after arriving in San Francisco for Elite Retreat, and that photo was taken at almost exactly the time that she asked me a question that started giving me a whole new perspective on things: Are you having fun? Despite the pained look on my face in that photo, I was indeed having a great time. There was just something odd ... Keep reading »

Elite Retreat Will Change Your Life

After a hiatus of several months, the guys behind Elite Retreat have thankfully announced a new Elite Retreat for this April in San Francisco. If you're entertaining any thoughts whatsoever of someday quitting your day job, I simply can't recommend this conference highly enough. It changed my life, and I have no doubt that it will change yours, too. Nowhere will you get the one-on-one time with this many true experts. ... Keep reading »

Think Hard About Attending Elite Retreat

If you're serious about your blogging, you should consider attending the upcoming Elite Retreat in Orlando. I went to the first one back in December, and it led directly to me getting to the point just three months later where I was working 100% for myself. If that's at all on your radar, I would highly recommend this conference over any other. Here's why. Keep reading »