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Quit Looking for a Job

Peter Bregman says that the answer could be right in front of you: A friend of mine, a senior leader in a pharmaceutical company, spends all her spare time doing yoga, taking classes in comparative religions, reading about spirituality, speaking with others about their beliefs. Just talking about it energizes her. Which is not how she feels about her day job. "Why don't you leave your job and do something with this full time?" I asked her. "I've thought about it. But I ... Keep reading »

Passion is Overrated

Rick Latona wrote last month that you shouldn't get into a business just because you own a good domain. He's speaking mainly to domainers, but the essential point is the same one that you hear regularly across the Internet: don't start a site unless you're passionate about the topic. Until recently I argued that point as ardently as anyone, because life is just too short to spend it doing something that you don't enjoy. However, within the last ... Keep reading »