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Online Reputation Management the Wrong Way

If someone writes something negative about you on Twitter (or anywhere else), how should you respond?  Social Media Optimization gives a great illustration of how not to.

Lesson 5: Be Nice

Some people will tell you it's a dog-eat-dog world. One thing you hear over and over about Frank, though, is how nice a guy he is -- including in Ron's article. Ron mentions in the very first paragraph that Frank "is universally regarded as one of the nicest people in this (or any other) business," and he mentions later how Frank called him out of the blue "just to introduce himself and let me know he liked the publication." ...

My FeedBurner Feed Count Experiment

Several weeks ago, I read Matt's "How I Got 283k Feed Subscribers in 1 Day." The way he did it was to take TechCrunch's FeedBurner FeedCount chicklet and put it on his own site. By changing the link on the image to point to his own RSS feed, though, few would realize that he didn't actually have that many subscribers. I found it very interesting, but that was about it since I knew I'd never have any reason to fake my feed count. Over the next few weeks, though, I found myself repeatedly coming back to this statement: I can see the logic behind someone wanting to use a more popular feed image. Showing a larger subscriber count than what your blog has naturally makes your site seem more popular which unfortunately makes new visitors more likely to stick.

Screw Up? Don’t Try to Hide

If you're active on the web for very long, you will screw up. It's inevitable. How you handle it can make you or break you, though. To show you what I mean, let's look at three different examples: one from last year in which a company dealt swiftly and expertly with a problem of their own making and two from this year where just the opposite was the case. I think the end results will be more than enough to convince you to be very proactive the next time you screw up.