You Should Be Using MyBlogLog

MyBlogLogBack in February, I mentioned that the MyBlogLog widget could possibly be something that would generate traffic to your blog all by itself just by virtue of you using it. Well two and a half months later, MyBlogLog (MBL) becomes more and more valuable to me every day so I wanted to revisit it and talk about why I’ve developed such a fondness for it.

On a side note first, though, MBL is a really interesting example of my post from yesterday. Back on February 22, [tag]ShoeMoney[/tag] announced that he had been banned from MBL for publicly exposing some bugs in their software. It took a couple of days of very heated, very public dialogue, but Eric at MBL ultimately admitted that he had screwed up and unbanned Jeremy.

This was a watershed moment for MBL. As I wrote the day before Eric’s post, people were actively taking sides on this issue. Had Eric and MBL stuck to their guns, they would have seen a mass exodus like what is happening with SiteMeter right now. Instead, regardless of whether he was right or wrong, Eric sucked it up and took one for the good of the team. As a result, they stopped the blood loss and kept MBL from losing the momentum they had built up.

What’s the result? More and more people are using MBL now, and as more people use it, it becomes exponentially more valuable to everyone. (That’s Metcalf’s law.) Plus, as part of Yahoo!’s stable of “Web 2.0” companies now, the future looks even brighter for them and thus for all of us who use them as well.

So why am I becoming such a big MBL fan now? Two reasons.

Put a Face to a Name

Thanks to MBL, I can now actually see who’s visiting my blog. I check back several times every day just to take a look at the images in my sidebar to see who’s been by. Stop and take a look now to see what I mean. (Or come to the site if you’re reading via the RSS feed.)

Isn’t that cool? I can tell who comes by a lot, and I can tell who hasn’t been here in awhile. (And here’s a secret: if you’re a regular visitor, there’s a much greater chance that I’ll end up visiting you more often. I bet lots of bloggers are that way.)

Discover Great Blogs

I visit the MBL profiles of just about everyone who shows up in my sidebar, and from there head on over to their blogs to see what they’re writing about. I’ve probably subscribed to a new blog every day that I’ve found through MBL. Some show good promise, and so I subscribe just to be able to keep track of them. Others, though, show themselves to be great from the very beginning, and those alone are worth using MBL.

Dan’s The Wrong Advices is one of those. I followed his MBL image over to his profile and then his blog yesterday, and it instantly became one of my top 10 favorite blogs. The content is unparalleled, and he intersperses it with incredibly funny stuff like this Darth Vadar video. (I can literally only watch that one every so often because I laugh so hard it hurts.) True, it may be that Dan and I just share a lot of commonalities, so it may not be as good a fit for you, but there are others that will be. That’s what makes MBL so great. (Oh, and you have to check out this blogging video, too. Hilarious.)

Johnny at My Fish was another great find through MBL. (That’s him with the Nemo image in my sidebar.) He commented on “Sugarlicious Money from Your Blog” that “you have to see what your blog niche is and focus on that instead of being the next big thing.” I already knew he had mastered that, though, because I had followed Nemo to his site just the day before. He’s picked a niche that he’s passionate about, and it really shows.

Making It Easy to Meet Your Neighbors

MyBlogLog makes it easy to get out and meet your neighbors. It’s helped me develop relationships with people literally around the world, and I find it indispensable now. Even if you don’t put the widget on your site, I would strongly recommend signing up with MBL just so people can see who you are and start finding your blog as well. I think you’ll be glad you did.


  • Myo Kyaw Htun

    April 25, 2007
    at 10:40 pm

    I agree with you, Shane.
    I got a lot of visitors from my Bloglog although most of them are guest visitors. I always check out the faces that appear in my sidebar. Finally, I found many great blogs.


  • dan1el

    April 26, 2007
    at 3:58 am

    Thanks for the mention Shane. Great writeup on MBL too. MBL is definetly a great way to meet other bloggers with similar interests, as well as attract new readers to your blog.



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